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We are the original toning table manufacturer and will beat any competitor's price for custom built tables in the color of your choice!

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Manufactured by
American Quality Manufacturing
Cocoa, FL USA

When you're the industry leader, your mission is quite clear. You develop the trends that excite the marketplace. You lead the way with new products, so aesthetically striking, so technologically superior; they create a whole new set of standards.

That's just what we've done with our Perfect Shapes Line....the exciting revolutionary breakthrough in today's toning table industry which has all of our competitors duplicating our equipment.  But look closely, our tables are bigger, longer, quieter, and all come equipped with variable speed motor controllers which are critical for senior exercise and stretching programs.

Designed and built by the best, most creative industrial designers and engineers in the business, Perfect Shapes are a dramatic departure from all other toning tables, both inside and out. Perfect Shapes state-of-the-art toning tables, setting the standard for the toning industry for years to come.

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Seven Perfect Shape Toning Tables
Original Price: $34,999
On Sale Price: $24,999

Choose from any of these colors:



















Features of the Perfect Shapes Toning Tables

Rounded lateral corners and plush cushiony surfaces invite the user to relax and enjoy the experience of toning. Elegantly styled in ivory with a touch of gold or choose from a choice of designer colors.this is a photo of a toning table motor, we sell all type of toning table parts, click here to see more

Perfect Shapes are whisper quiet. Combining a superior motor with a unique counter-balance system. Perfect Shapes is providing a full range of motion for maximum inch loss and flexibility.

A variable speed adjustment allows each table to be set at speeds conductive to the individual's level of exercise from beginners to advanced, so the client can tone at their own pace. Our innovative control panel is so comprehensive we call it the Perfect Command Center with an LED electronic timer/start switch, conveniently located for user and operator visibility.

Incredibly tough, welded steel frames durable enough to support 500 pounds. Each Modular cushion is individually upholstered with thick, high-density foam padding and top quality fabric for durability and contoured to cradle the body for the utmost in comfort.

Perfect Shapes: The fastest, easiest , most effective way to get toned, increase circulation, and increase range of motion!

Or, if you recently bought a toning center orthis is a phot of a toning table poster or instructional sign for a body bender table, click to enlarge set of toning tables and need all of the educational stuff like posters or instructional signs, client measurement charts, training manuals or DVDs, or client brochures, click here to visit our toning table training page.

Call 888-612-3886 to speak to a sales representative today and ask about the free starter kit we send with each purchase.  We are now offering a $10,000 economic recovery discount on our new set of toning tables.  A brand new set of Perfect Shapes toning tables is now priced at only $24,999 for a limited time!

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