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American Quality Manufacturing is located at:
340 Shearer Blvd, Cocoa, FL  32922

Call:  800-667-9189

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We are the original manufacturer and distributor of toning tables in the USA since 1983.  We build our toning tables from the ground up, using local labor and supplies, in our manufacturing facility located in Cocoa, FL.  We also repair and recondition used toning tables and and repair any toning table on the market today.  Call us at 800-667-9189 for more information regarding toning table parts, body wrap supplies, or new toning tables.

We view toning tables, not as a weight loss, inch loss, or "no sweat" exercise solution, but more of a senior exercise or arthritic therapy device which helps increase range of motion and circulation, thereby increasing quality life.  Toning tables are being used today for physical therapy and senior therapy applications around the world in the most cutting edge senior living facilities who offer their clients a "bridge" from weight rooms to physical therapy type equipment on their property.

We provide toning equipment to many franchises like Slender You, Curves For Women, Inches A Weigh, and other familiar brand women's weight centers.  Keep in mind, we will "customize" your toning equipment and brochures with your name and logo for no extra charge. 

We refurbish toning tables made by:  Stauffer, Classic Toning, Slender You, Suntana, Perfect Shapes, Slender Shapes, Originals, Slender Images, Slender Quest, Inch By Inch, Figure Wise, Future Shape, Tan & Tone America, Tone-A-Matic, Slenderizers, Figure Wise, Shape Master, UniFirm8, Concepts In Motion, Body Quest, Body Beautiful, Life Trends, California Concepts, Slimmer Trimmer U, and Perfect Juniors.

While opening a toning salon or day spa business consider other revenue streams such as body wraps, new tanning beds, used tanning beds, stand up tanning booths, or adding a sunless spray tan booth.

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