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Toning Tables Frequently Asked Questions



QUESTION:  What are toning tables?

ANSWER: Toning tables, or toning beds as they are sometimes called, are not a weight loss or "no sweat" exercise solution, in our opinion, but more of a senior exercise or therapy device which helps increase range of motion and circulation.  Toning tables are also used today for physical therapy, arthritic therapy, and senior therapy applications around the world.

QUESTION: What happens if they break down? How will I get service?

ANSWER: Customers call our toll free number and speak with a technician.  He will trouble shoot your problem over the phone, send the right parts, and schedule a repair technician as needed.

Keep in mind, we provide parts and for toning beds and toning tables producedbuy toning table parts here from every manufacturer including American Quality Manufacturing of Cocoa, Florida, Shape Master of England, Lifetime Wellness Centers of Melbourne, FL, Slender You of Crossville, TN, Inches-A-Weigh, & Spirit Manufacturing. On our website, you will find parts and repair technicians for every make and model of toning tables ever produced in the US and UK.

QUESTION:  Why should I offer my clients the toning system?

ANSWER: The toning tables will offer an alternative to local health clubs and strenuous exercise programs. An overwhelming percentage of the American population is aging and looking for an alternative to traditional exercise.  Aptly named SENIOR EXERCISE, retirement centers around the USA are rapidly converting their outdated "weight" rooms with "senior toning" rooms. Now is the perfect time to take advantage and profit from offering this unique way of toning, stretching, and increasing circulation to your local residents.

QUESTION:  What contributes to the inch loss or weight loss?

ANSWER: Toning table exercise will NOT help you lose inches or weight, as many claim.  Only proper diet and increased heart rate cardio type workouts which burn calories will contribute to weight loss. Toning tables, or Senior Exercise Tables, will help increase your "range of motion", "increase circulation", and help with rehabilitation of minor injuries.

QUESTION: What other services should I offer with a toning system?

While operating a toning salon or day spa business consider other money makers, such as body wraps, new tanning beds, used tanning beds, stand up tanning booths, or adding a spray tan booth.


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