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slender shapes used toning table

Sells new for $26,000!

Slender Shapes Aqua Toning Tables

Seven (7) newly reconditioned toning tables includes brand new timers and a 90 day limited warranty!

Set of 7 Includes:
greendot.gif (523 bytes) SIT UP Table
greendot.gif (523 bytes) STRETCH Table
greendot.gif (523 bytes) SANDBAG Table
greendot.gif (523 bytes) LEG Table
greendot.gif (523 bytes) SIDE to SIDE Table
greendot.gif (523 bytes) CIRCULATION Table

greendot.gif (523 bytes) WAIST TUMMY and HIP Table

Newly Reconditioned Tables are rose in color.
Brand New Timer's, Naugahyde etc. 90 Day Warranty.
This set of toning tables includes:
1.Sandbag Table 
This table strengthens muscles in stomach, buttocks and thighs. Gentle rhythmic action also breaks down cellulite. Lifts and firms flabby buttocks. 
 2. Stretch Table
Firms and tones upper arms. Lifts the rib cage to improve posture.
Reduces excess fat on midriff, waist and upper back. 

 3. Sit Up Table
A nice alternative to sit-ups! Effectively tones abdominal muscles and reduces inches around waist. Flexibility is enhanced.  Strengthens and tones lower back muscles.
4. Whole Leg Table
This table works to slim the entire leg area including calves and inner thighs,outer upper thighs.
5. Waist Tummy Hip Table
The answer to a trim waist, firm hips and a flat tummy. The table gently raises and lowers legs causing inches to disappear from areas most critical to an attractive body.
6. Circulation Table
A Gentle vibration action works to completely tone your body, improving circulation and increasing blood flow.
7. Side to Side Table
This table strengthens and eases stiffness in the lower back muscles. Works to trim the waistline while firming and toning the entire adbomen area.


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The selling price includes:
 3 Sandbags & 3 Pillows
Seven Size 12 x 24 Instruction Posters
( to hang over each table describing how to use the table)
100 Client Measurement Charts
( with medical release form)
150 Toning Table Brochures
(advertising your salon and toning tables)
Toning Training Instruction Video or DVD
Toning Table Training Manual
Toning Table Maintenance Manual
Includes warranty on all parts excluding
upholstery and labor

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